Nascent Service Offering

Electrical Engineering

Our team of experts enables us to do the following jobs

Electrical Contracts

Cable Fault Testing

Certificates Of Compliance

Electrical Infrastructure

Smart Metering

Architectural Designs

Power lines & power systems

Energy (under subsidiary Tala Planet Holdings)

Solar Energy

Solar energy plant design and project implementation

Currently offering funded solar program in conjunction with our partners.

Solar Geyser & Heat Pump systems.

Design & Installation.

Currently engaged in development of large solar power plants in RSA and Zimbabwe.

 Thermal Energy

Thermal (Biogas) energy systems

Biogas-Based Thermal Heating Systems

Adequate market interest established.

Currently in pursuit of tried & tested technology.


3D Animation & Advertising

Contact us for the following:

Marketing Concepts and Marketing Videos

Multi Media presentations

Advertising, motion graphics and film

3D modelling and animation


Telecoms Line installations

Maintenance and repair of telecoms lines

Lay underground cables including fibre optic lines

IT Solutions And Software Developments

Mobile Apps

Desktop and online applications

Quality Assurance and testing, using cutting-edge technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP and others to allow our clients to timely return their investments into all their specific software development initiatives.

Market-Ready Products and Systems

We have developed the following systems that are ready to meet the market’s needs:

STS electricity vending system

Municipality water or electricity consumption analysis system (to be used with revenue protection strategy)

Field data capture system (Mobile data capture software with a back-end data navigator and report system

Fleet Management System

Online Learning Management System

Livestock tracking device

Business Software Solutions

GIS system

ERP & CRM system

Personal car tracker

Smart DB board

Security devices

Smart card for government employees with access control and clocking functions

SMEE Online Management System

Library management system

RFID Technology for Libraries

Dynamic PIN Access Control System